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COB (plural COBs)

  1. (US, military) Initialism of contingency operating base.
  2. (military) Acronym of chief of boat.
  3. Close of Business, usually referring to a deadline for an office in another time zone.
    NY office told the LA office to have report e-mailed by COB.
    • 1997, Broadcast Education Association (U.S.), Membership Directory:
      February 25, 1998  Exhibitor Deadline COB - Ad Copy Deadline COB - FINAL PROGRAM COPY DUE TO PROGRAM CHAIR (COB)
  4. Coordination of Benefits
  5. Chairman of the Board
  6. Chip on Board

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  1. Clive's Original Band, band started by Clive Palmer after he left The Incredible String Band.
  2. (sports) Abbreviation of Cobourg.