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See also: fob, F.O.B., and F. O. B.


Alternative forms[edit]



  1. (military) forward operating base



  1. (incoterm) Free On Board
  2. Frequencies of Brilliance
  3. (slang) Fresh Off the Boat
  4. From Our Berth - a commerce term, indicating that the quoted price doesn't include shipping, as you are accepting it "from our berth (shipping dock)"
  5. (US, politics) friend of Bill; a supporter of Bill Clinton
    • 2007, David Lebedoff, The Uncivil War: How a New Elite Is Destroying Our Democracy (page 133)
      It seemed at times that everyone was an FOB — everyone, that is, who'd emerged from the ivyest groves of academia []


FOB (plural FOBs)

  1. A recent immigrant (derived from "fresh off the boat")

Usage notes[edit]

  • (in reference to Filipinos) Commonly used as an insult. But in recent times, it describes a Filipino background. Like FLIP, it's considered to be insulting, but Filipinos take it to be something of pride. FOB refers to having one of the Filipino accents, usually Tagalog accent. Filipino's take FOB and mean it as "Filipino on Vacation" where in Tagalog it would be pronounced "Filipino on Bakasyon" or something of the sort. It also means newcomer, or someone who is "Fresh" meaning they have the spirit of the native Filipino in them still.


  • OED 2006