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Etymology 1[edit]

From 1907, coined by the football club's then-chairman who was a keen breeder of canaries.


Canary (plural Canaries)

  1. (soccer) Someone connected with Norwich City Football Club, as a fan, player, coach etc.

Etymology 2[edit]

Based on the geography of the Canary Islands, between Bermudan and European.


Canary (not comparable)

  1. (finance, of an option) That can be exercised on quarterly dates, a set time period (usually one year) after the issue date, and before the expiry date.
    • 2005, Gary Strumeyer, Investing in Fixed Income Securities: Understanding the Bond Market, John Wiley & Sons, chapter 9:
      Canary callable bonds are a type of step-up bond that is a hybrid structure, having elements of both Bermudan and European calls.
    • 2006, Ben Finkelstein, The Politics of Public Fund Investing: How to Modify Wall Street to Fit Main Street, Touchstone, page 123:
      The canary bond is unique in that it is callable during the period before the security converts to a noncallable or bullet structure; the canary callable coupon can possess a step-up feature.
    • 2006, Marc Henrard, Numerical integration for Canary swaptions in the gaussian HJM model, Bank for International Settlements, page 5:
      A (receiver) Canary swaption has two expiry dates 0 < θ1 < θ2t0 and involved two swaps Si (i = 1, 2) with cash -flows (ti,j, ci,j) (1 ≤ jni).
Coordinate terms[edit]