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Alternative forms[edit]


Catalano- +‎ -phobia


Catalanophobia (uncountable)

  1. (rare) Dislike or hatred of the Catalan people, culture or language.
    • 1979, European studies review, vol. 9, Macmillan, pg. 15:
      Villaverde's refusal to concede a concierto económico to the region, backed by a general diatribe of catalanophobia in the Madrid press, brought on a taxpayers' strike in Barcelona and throughout Catalonia, coupled with the closure of shops.
    • 1990, Élites and Power in Twentieth-Century Spain: Essays in Honor of Sir Raymond Carr, Eds. Frances Lannon and Paul Preston, Clarendon Press, ISBN 9780198228806, pg. 52:
      Against a general diatribe of catalanophobia in the Madrid press, the middle classes of the Principality, represented in their guilds (gremios), retaliated by declaring a taxpayers' strike and the closure of all shops, a movement which became known as the tancament de caixes.
    • 2000, Joseph Harrison, "Tackling national decadence: economic regeneration in Spain after the colonial débâcle," Spain's 1898 Crisis: Regenerationism, Modernism, Post-Colonialism, Eds. Joseph Harrison and Alan Hoyle, Manchester University Press, ISBN 9780719058622, pg. 61:
      Yet in a mood of catalanophobia, stirred up by sections of the Madrid press against separatist tendencies in the Principality, Catalan proposals for the economic regeneration of Spain were rejected as special pleading.



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