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  1. 振振
  2. 粘粘搭搭
  3. 靜寂寂
  4. 靜生生
  5. 小姐姐
  6. 小哥哥
  7. 原生生物學
  8. 小弟弟
  9. 聲聲口口
  10. 口口聲聲
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  1. 凍冰冰
  2. 惺惺相惜
  3. 多多益善
  4. 卿卿我我
  5. 馬馬虎虎
  6. 源源不絕
  7. 暗暗自責
  8. 娓娓動聽
  9. 貝貝
  10. 怏怏不樂

Fundamental » All languages » Chinese » Terms by etymology » Reduplications

Chinese terms that underwent reduplication, so their origin involved a repetition of roots or stems.

Note: This category includes any Chinese word containing two consecutive identical characters.


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