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Verbs that retained their reduplication in the past tense in Proto-Germanic. The seventh class was originally a collection of verbs from the other six classes that exhibited reduplication. Consequently, the sound of the present tense can vary but it is always the same as that of the past participle.

The vowel pattern is:

Form Type 1a Type 1b Type 1c Type 2
Present tense -a- -ā- -ē- -ō-
Present tense 2nd/3rd sg. -a/e- -ā- -ē- -ō-
Past singular ind. -ē/ie- -ē/ie- -ē/ie- -io-
Past general -ē/ie- -ē/ie- -ē/ie- -io-
Past participle -a- -ā- -ē- -ō-