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  • In normal running text (i.e. outside of educational or reference material), the letter ё (jo) is seldom used by native speakers, and is instead written as е (je). It is still pronounced as ё, however. For example, лёгкий (ljóxkij) is commonly written легкий, but still pronounced as the former. Wiktionary follows the dictionary style with ё, but forms with е are also allowed as alternative spellings.
  • Terms with е instead of ё shouldn't have a word stress: adding a word stress with words containing "ё" is equivalent to writing ё in those words.
  • Entries for spellings of this sort should use {{ru-noun-alt-ё}}, {{ru-verb-alt-ё}}, {{ru-adj-alt-ё}} or {{ru-pos-alt-ё}} to format an entire entry.

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In pre-1918 orthography, two other rare variations also occurred in a similar fashion:

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