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  1. кукри
  2. меч
  3. дамоклов меч
  4. палаш
  5. шпажка
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  7. сабля
  8. ятаган
  9. катана
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  1. дамоклов меч
  2. катана
  3. рапира
  4. ятаган
  5. мачете
  6. шпажка
  7. палаш
  8. эфес
  9. кукри
  10. меч

Russian terms for types of swords.

NOTE: This is a type category. It should contain terms for types of swords, not merely terms related to swords, and should also not contain names of specific swords.

The following label generates this category: swordsedit. To generate this category using this label, use {{lb|ru|label}}.

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