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Alternative forms[edit]


  • IPA(key): /sɨˈriːən/
  • Homophone: Syrian (for those who pronounce Sirius and serious the same)


Cerean ‎(not comparable)

  1. pertaining to Ceres
    • 1892 (2007), Charles Leland, Etruscan Roman Remains, p. 233
      Pata'na was a Roman goddess who appears with greatly varied names, sometimes as a derivation from Ceres or a Cerean deity, and sometimes as Ceres herself.
    • 1994 (2001), Hayford Peirce, "Six Million Solid Gold Belter Buckles", Jonathan White: Stockbroker in Orbit, Wildside Press, ISBN 1587153580, page 45
      Bouncing is something to be avoided in the low Cerean gravity: any bouncing here would have lifted me up against the café's green and white striped awning — and maybe on through it to interface violently with the 60 meters of carbonaceous chondrite rock that separate Clarkeville from the surface.


Cerean ‎(plural Cereans)

  1. A native or inhabitant of Ceres
    • 1953, Isaac Asimov, Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the Asteroids
      "When they left, the men of Ceres counted their casualties. Fifteen Cereans were dead and many more hurt in one way or another, as against the bodies of five pirates."
    • 1988, Everett Franklin Bleiler, Science-fiction: the Gernsback years, Kent State University Press, page 374
      "Traveling by etheric-magnetic means, the comrades soon reached Ceres, where they find a couple of corpses, but no living Cereans."