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A Chineseman.


A compound of Chinese +‎ man, or a compression of the words "Chinese man" into a single word, which may have been influenced by Chinaman or by similar words such as Englishman, Frenchman and Dutchman.


Chineseman (plural Chinesemen)

  1. A Chinese man, a Chinaman.
    • 1878, in Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Chronicle, Volume 243, p. 760 (Google Books view):
      When speaking of the Chinese individually we should undoubtedly say a Chinese or a Chineseman.
    • 1977, in Country life, volume 162:
      They saw the Chineseman, her grandfather, was broken in pieces. He was an ornament too and had fallen off the table
    • 1995, Albert Hunt, Geoffrey Reeves, Peter Brook, page 129:
      Brook asked the actors to find a way of communicating the idea of this picture to a blind Chineseman.
    • 2006, Wei-Bin Zhang, Hong Kong: the pearl made of British mastery, page 176:
      In the same book, Ku judges, "In fact, in order to understand the real Chineseman and the Chinese civilization, [] ."
    • 2007, Nancy Fairbanks, Turkey Flambé:
      I asked the three Chinesemen as I exited Uncle Bernie's building. I could have taken a subway to Pettigrew's for the meeting, but I wanted to get there early so I could speak to the knowledgeable Mrs. Christopher.
    • 2008, Sarah A. Hoyt, Heart and Soul, page 344:
      And who, despite all that, sat next to her, deferential and friendly — not attempting to impress her with his heroic status. Modest, Jade thought, a quality that was as rare among Englishmen as Chinesemen and, in fact, might be a rarity among all men.