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English citations of Monster Raving Loony

  1. (linguistics, informal) Having a single case for both the subjects and objects of transitive verbs, and another case for the subjects of intransitive verbs.
    • 1 May 2002: Justin B Rye, Learn Not To Speak Esperanto
      C) the monster raving loony candidate (some Iranian sightings); combines all the drawbacks of (A) and (B).
    • 17 July 2003: Andreas Johansson, "Re: verbs?", The Conlang Mailing List
      As long as you have it include monster raving loony languages ...
    • 5 May 2005: John Cowan, "A quick tutorial on ergativity, by way of the Squid-Headed One", on Recycled Knowledge (blog)
      In yet another type, dubbed Monster Raving Loony languages (that name is not official), there is one form for A and P and another form for S! Rushan (not to be confused with Russian) is one of this rare type.