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Alternative forms[edit]


From the given name Clifton. Derived from Cliff's notes, a series of literature study guides published by Clifton Hillegass.


Cliff notes pl (plural only)

  1. (US) A rundown (rough outline) of a situation, event, etc.
    • 2012, Gary Wayne Clark, The Devolution Chronicles: Rise of the Chimera,, →ISBN, page 105:
      Ryker stepped forward and blurted out the cliff notes of the current crisis.
    • 2014, CP Moore, Legacy of the Gods, CP Moore, →ISBN:
      Well, of course there's more, a lot more. But that's the cliff notes of what faces us once we find Sanderson.
    • 2015, Jack Fisher, The Escort and the Gigolo, Lulu Press, Inc, →ISBN:
      “If this is you being serious, I'll just give you the cliff notes of the plan for tonight,” said Ray.
    • 2017, “What North Korea Wants”, in Reuters War College[1]:
      Can you give us the, the Cliff notes version of that?


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