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rundown (plural rundowns)

  1. (chiefly with definite article "the") A rough outline of a topic or situation.
    Could you give me the rundown on the new rules?
  2. (gambling) A summary of the horses to be raced on a particular day, with their weights, jockeys, odds, etc.
    • 1946, Lancer (page 15)
      Comes post-time, and I am at the bookie joint listening the running descriptions and rundowns, []
    • 1960, American Trial Lawyers Association, Convention Proceedings (page 455)
      I would say this: If you are in a community where you do not have the rundown sheet on the horses in the race, do what they have done in Sacramento.
  3. (baseball) A defensive play in which the runner is caught between two fielders, who steadily converge to tag the runner out.
    Smith is caught in a rundown, but Jones will come around to score.
  4. A Caribbean stew of meat or fish (typically mackerel) with reduced coconut milk, yam, tomato, onion and seasonings.
  5. A reduction, e.g. of an activity, or in the size of something, such as a fleet.
    • 2020 May 20, “Fleet News: LNER sends more '91s' off-lease”, in Rail, page 22:
      The rundown of LNER's Class 91/Mk 4 fleet continues, with two more locomotives sent for store at Doncaster and a rake of coaches moving to Worksop,



rundown (not comparable)

  1. Alternative form of run-down