Clinton County

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All are named after DeWitt Clinton except in New York and Ohio (George Clinton).

Proper noun[edit]

Clinton County

  1. one of 102 counties in Illinois, USA, with its county seat in Carlyle.
  2. one of 92 counties in Indiana, USA, county seat Frankfort.
  3. one of 99 counties in Iowa, USA, county seat Clinton.
  4. one of 120 counties in Kentucky, USA, county seat Albany.
  5. one of 83 counties in Michigan, USA, county seat St. Johns.
  6. one of 114 counties in Missouri, USA, county seat Plattsburg.
  7. one of 62 counties in New York, USA, county seat Plattsburgh.
  8. one of 88 counties in Ohio, USA, county seat Wilmington.
  9. one of 67 counties in Pennsylvania, USA, county seat Lock Haven.