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Proper noun[edit]

Dayton (plural Daytons)

  1. A English surname​, a variant of Deighton.
  2. A city, the county seat of Montgomery County, Ohio; named for Jonathan Dayton, a Constitution signatory and statesman.
  3. A census-designated place in Lyon County, Nevada, United States; named for John Day, a local surveyor.
  4. A city, the county seat of Rhea County, Tennessee; named for the city in Ohio.
  5. A city in Texas.
  6. A census-designated place in New Jersey; named for Jonathan Dayton.
  7. A city in Kentucky; named for the city in Ohio.
  8. A city in Minnesota; named for founder Lyman Dayton.
  9. A town in Waupaca County, Wisconsin; named for early settler Lyman Dayton.
  10. A suburb of Perth, Western Australia; named for Walter Warner Day, a cattle and wine pioneer in the area.
  11. A city in Oregon.
  12. A city, the county seat of Columbia County, Washington; named for Jesse Day.
  13. A town in Maine; named for Thomas Day, who submitted the petition for the area to become a town.
  14. A town in New York.
  15. A town in Indiana.
  16. A town in Virginia.
  17. A city in Iowa; named for the city in Ohio.
  18. A town in Wyoming; named for founder Joe Dayton Thorne.
  19. A town in Richland County, Wisconsin.
  20. A borough of Pennsylvania.
  21. A city in Idaho.
  22. A community in Nova Scotia.
  23. A census-designated place in Montana.
  24. A town in Alabama.

Derived terms[edit]

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