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Alternative forms[edit]


From French directoire.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (historical) The ruling executive of revolutionary France, from 1795-1799, or the period governed by this body.


Directoire ‎(comparative more Directoire, superlative most Directoire)

  1. Pertaining to a style of dress common during this period, characterised by extravagant, Classically-inspired designs.
    • 1956, Ursula Bloom, Victorian Vinaigrette:
      My great-grandmother wore a brief empire bodice, and close-fitting Directoire skirt made of cream silk with a golden stripe running through it.
    • 2009, Sarah Mower, The Guardian, 30 Aug 2009:
      Leafing through them now, I notice how orderly the early ones are: drawings of boxy Jasper Conran Chanel-esque jackets and gauzy Galliano directoire dresses, annotations on how "Patsy Kensit showed her bum!" at a Westwood show [...].
  2. Pertaining to a style of furniture, decoration etc. prevalent during this period.
    • 1964, "The New Elegants", Time, 4 Dec 1964:
      They prefer concerts and auctions to canasta and golf, are likely to spend the time their mothers relegated to ladies' luncheons to tracking down a Directoire commode for the foyer, just the right bronze for the living-room mantle.