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Proper noun[edit]


A Durex-brand condom in a packet.
  1. (Britain) A brand of condom; sometimes used as a generic term for a condom.
  2. (Australia) A brand of adhesive tape; sometimes used as the generic term for adhesive tape.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Given the very different meanings in the UK and Australia, confusion (or worse) can arise when natives of one country use this term in the other.
  • Use of "Durex" as a generic term for adhesive tape has declined markedly in Australia in recent years as the brand is no longer sold there, and in fact the condom brand is widely available and marketed in that country. Durex is still rare as a generic terms for condoms in Australia.

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Proper noun[edit]

Durex ?

  1. (Canada) A brand of adhesive tape.
  2. (France) A brand of condom.