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Proper noun[edit]


  1. A female given name.
    • 1853 Elizabeth Gaskell, Ruth, Chapter XVII,
      "Now, I was called Faith after the cardinal virtue; and I like my name, though many people would think it too Puritan; that was according to our gentle mother's pious desire.
    • 1919 Lucy Maud Montgomery, Rainbow Valley, Echo Library 2006, ISBN 1406821764, page 90:
      "No name that - no name that! I can't stomach such a name. Got any other?"
      "No, sir."
      "Don't like the name, don't like it. There's no sneddum to it. Besides, it makes me think of my Aunt Jinny. She called her three girls Faith, Hope and Charity. Faith didn't believe in anything - Hope was a born pessimist - and Charity was a miser. You ought to be called Red Rose - you look like one when you're mad.
    • 2006 Kate Atkinson, One Good Turn, Black Swan(2007), ISBN 9780552772440, page 81:
      There was something to be said for all those religiously influenced names – Patience, Grace, Chastity, Faith. Better to be named for a virtue than to be landed with a forgettable name like 'Martin'.
  2. A city in South Dakota.

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