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Floyd +‎ -ian


Floydian (comparative more Floydian, superlative most Floydian)

  1. (mathematics) Of or pertaining to the work of Robert Floyd, American mathematician and computer scientist.
  2. Of, related to, or similar to the band Pink Floyd or their music; psychedelic.


  • 2005, Russel Reising, Speak To Me: the legacy of Pink Floyd's The dark side of the moon, p xiii
    I have my own notions, though I hesitate to expound too deeply lest anyone accuse me of taking things Floydian too seriously.
  • 2003, Peter Buckley, The Rough Guide to Rock, p 7
    The new Gilmour-led Floyd sounds infinitely more ‘Floydian' than Roger Waters' dirge-like solo albums.
  • 1998, Tim Morse, Classic Rock Stories: The Stories Behind the Greatest Songs of All Time, p 184
    The unmistakable "Floydian" sound is captured in all its glory on this LP: the use of hypnotic slow tempos, the lush textures of the instruments, the gorgeous guitar and saxophone solos, and the dark lyrical vision courtesy of Mr. Waters.
  • 1995, Andy Mabbett, The Complete Guide to the Music of Pink Floyd, p 119
    Although far from a Floydian concept album, ‘The Division Bell' has a general theme of communication gone wrong.