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Fuller +‎ -ian


Fullerian (comparative more Fullerian, superlative most Fullerian)

  1. Of or relating to Richard Buckminster Fuller (1895–1983), American architect, inventor, and futurist.
  2. Of or relating to John Fuller (1757–1834), builder of follies and philanthropist who established the Fullerian Professor of Chemistry.
  3. Of or relating to Andrew Fuller (1754–1815), Baptist minister and theologian.
  4. Of or relating to Margaret Fuller (1810-1850), an American journalist, critic, and women's rights advocate.
  5. Of or relating to Lon L. Fuller (1902–1978), legal philosopher who criticized legal positivism and defended a secular and procedural form of natural law theory.
  6. Of or relating to Elizabeth Fuller(1644-1709), Foundress of Watford Free Schools, Now Watford Grammar School for Boys and Watford Grammar School for Girls. All Pupils of these two schools are Fullerians, and Former Pupils are Old Fullerians.