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Ganges +‎ -an


Gangean (not comparable)

  1. Of or pertaining to the Ganges river.
    • 1978, Robert Carver North, The Foreign Relations of China, Duxbury Press (1978), page 10:
      Chinese merchants had traded with India and Roman outposts, and Chinese pilgrims had made overland journeys to the Indus and Gangean valleys, often by way of the Oxus and what is now Afghanistan.
    • 1993, The University of Leeds Review, Volumes 36-37, page 179:
      Careful interpretation of these indicated that the great Pennine River (Fig 13) evolved from a comparatively minor affair early in the Carboniferous to truly Gangean proportions at about the time that the great ice sheets of the southern hemisphere were accumulating about 330 million years ago.
    • 2004, Kim Stanley Robinson, Forty Signs of Rain, Spectra (2005), →ISBN, pages 118-119:
      In this case, the problem was the Khembalis' little island (fifty-two square kilometers, their website said), which was clearly in all-too-good a location to contribute to ongoing studies of Gangean flooding and tidal storms in the Indian Ocean