Garage Mahal

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Blend of garage +‎ Taj Mahal


Garage Mahal (plural Garage Mahals)

  1. (US, informal) A very large and luxurious garage (storage area for cars etc.).
    • 2003, Pamela Hackett Hobson, The Bronxville Book Club, page 126:
      She remembered reading an article a few years ago in the New York Times that noted that several “Garage Mahals” had been built in Bronxville.
    • 2008 August, Orange Coast Magazine, page 72:
      He recently created a garage mahal to house a Seal Beach client's large collection of "man-goodies," but at the same time, Porter says, it's no longer uncommon to find a plasma TV next to a workbench.
    • 2009, Hank Stuever, Tinsel: A Search for America's Christmas Present, page 21:
      [] those red-brick or limestone-covered mini castles with Rapunzel-ready turrets in front and gabled porte-cochères leading to Garage Mahals.
    • 2011, Ben Stein; Phil DeMuth, The Little Book of Alternative Investments, page 78:
      But even if you have a garage mahal, it is not going to be practical for you to store bales of cotton and bushels of corn.