Garden of Eden

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Calque of Biblical Hebrew גַּן עֵדֶן(gan ʿḗḏen).


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Proper noun[edit]

Garden of Eden

  1. (Abrahamic religions) In the Book of Genesis of the Bible and Surat Sad of the Qur'an, a garden at the source of the Gihon, Pishon, Tigris, and Euphrates rivers, where Adam and Eve first lived after being created.
    Synonym: paradise



Garden of Eden (plural Gardens of Eden)

  1. (cellular automata) A pattern that can only exist as an initial state and is not reachable from any other state.
    • 1986, Patrick Chenin, ‎Claire Di Crescenzo, ‎François Robert, Computers and Computing: Proceedings (page 181)
      In this paper the author presents some properties regarding the existence or non-existence of gardens of Eden for the cellular automata.
    • 2004, Ceccherini-Silberstein, Tullio; Francesca Fiorenzi, Fabio Scarabotti, “The Garden of Eden Theorem for Cellular Automata and for Symbolic Dynamical Systems”, in Vadim A. Kaimanovich, editor, Random Walks and Geometry: Proceedings of a Workshop at the Erwin Schrödinger Institute, Vienna, June 18 - July 13, 2001, Walter de Gruyter, →ISBN, OL 25415217M:
      A configuration e not in the image of τ, namely eC \ τ[C] is called a Garden of Eden (briefly GOE) configuration, this biblical terminology being motivated by the fact that GOE configurations only appear as initial configurations.