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Blend of Glee and geek



Gleek (plural Gleeks)

  1. (slang) A fan of the television show Glee.
    • 2009 September 7, Jason Wuthrich, "Re: OT what new shows are you looking forward to seeing this fall season?", in, Usenet:
      I'm more of a Gleek myself.
    • 2010, Evie Parker, 100% Gleek: The Unofficial Guide to Glee.
    • 2010 February 3, Fred X, “Re: Glee - the woman from Pushing Daisies”, in, Usenet[1]:
      Well I thought she looked quite cute, so I Googled her. I'm not yet a full on Gleek, honest!
    • 2010 April 17, "Jessica and Goldina", "anyone try the Glee app?", in "VIPhone" (Google Groups group):
      are there any other Gleeks out here in viPhone land? I saw on my facebook today that there's a Glee app!! $2.99 so I grabbed it. maybe I shouldn't have seeing all the financial stress I'm currently under but I'm a Gleek in a big way!! so I couldn't resist!! I needed to check it out!!!
    • 2010 April 30, Zoot, “Re: Glee-------”, in alt.x.y, Usenet[2]:
      Yep... I'm a "Gleek"! (I'm sure it's partially due to being in band in high school, as we usually did a medley of songs from a musical during each performance.)
    • 2010, September 24, “Kate Stanhope”, in Do You Mind That Glee Can't Keep a Secret?[3]:
      Fair warning: One is the beginning of a musical number that's been on every Gleek's watch-list since Spears tweeted this pic.
    • 2010 September 27, "Don Del Grande" (username), "Re: 09/26/2010 New Episode", in, Usenet:
      And you call yourself a Gleek...