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From an earlier form Glums, from German Low German Gloms (quark cheese), which most dictionaries, both old and modern, derive from a synonymous Polish or Kashubian word glomzda, glomza (quark cheese).[1][2][3][4][5] (Samuel Bogumił Linde's 1855 Słownik języka polskiego took the opposite view and attributed the Polish word to Prussian, citing Christoph Mrongovius,[6] but Mrongovius disclaimed Linde's move as an error,[7] as have later scholars.[4])


Glumse f (genitive Glumse, no plural)

  1. (originally in the dialect of Prussia) quark cheese
    • 1658, Schwedische Viel-Fraß oder Rossomalza:
      [] nicht anders denn durch die Preüßische Glumse und Kese []


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