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Alternative forms[edit]


From God +‎ -some.


Godsome (comparative more Godsome, superlative most Godsome)

  1. In manner, like God; characterised or marked by godliness
    • 1912, Walter Leon Sawyer, Jack Lorimer, Freshman: Or, From Millvale High to Exmouth:
      "Yes. Knew you would. And he's a Godsome wonder, Abbott is," Luce meditated aloud.
    • 2015, Joseph Donnelly, Exploding the Big Bang Theory:
      It has to become an un-negotiable levy on all political leaders of what ever standing not connected to a monotheistic God theme, to enact the standards of religious fortitude, but through the general perception of now being Godsome! Now being Godsome, my own feature for us all to subscribe to the open understanding or our collective religions to guide us to be in a position to attract Gods interest in our single species.