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Proper noun[edit]


  1. A patronymic surname derived from several different Norman given names (related to Henry and Norwegian Amund).
  2. A male given name transferred from the surname.
  3. A number of places named after persons with the surname, including:
    1. a neighbourhood in Fresno, California, USA
    2. a village in Illinois, USA.
    3. a city in Indiana, USA.
    4. an unincorporated community in Kansas, USA.
    5. a city in Louisiana, USA.
    6. a small town in Maine, USA.
    7. a small "city" in Minnesota, USA.
    8. an unincorporated community in Montana, USA.
    9. a town in New York State, USA.
    10. a neighbourhood in Warrenton, Oregon, USA.
    11. a town and village in Wisconsin, USA.
    12. a settlement in South Australia.


  • 1937 Clara Studer, Sky storming Yankee, Stackpole sons, 1937, page 19:
    The Glen was the prettiest place she knew, so pretty she thought she ought to name her first baby after it. With another "n" added "to make it look more like a name", she called him Glenn Hammond Curtiss. The middle name was taken from the town itself, or its first settler, Lazarus Hammond.


Hammond (plural Hammonds)

  1. A Hammond organ.

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