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Alternative forms[edit]


Hellenisation (plural Hellenisations)

  1. (British) The adoption of Greek manners and culture
  2. (British) The act of causing a culture to become Greek
  3. (British) The act of Hellenizing, making something Greek or Hellenistic in form or character,[1] (cf. Latinize) such as by coining a word with Greek roots to express a concept that otherwise might be expressed in modern vernacular
    • Miranda Anderson[2]
      Divination by mirrors was called catoptromancy, a name derived from the Greek word katroptron, which means "mirror", or "reflection"... (emphasis added)
    • Patrick Hanks[3]
      Antes German: ... Humanistic Hellenization of Blume, literally "flower", with reference to the Greek vocabulary word Anthos, "flower".


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