His Imperial Majesty

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His Imperial Majesty

  1. a title of respect used when referring to an emperor

Usage notes[edit]

This is the third-person form of address to an emperor. The form used when addressing an emperor directly is Your Imperial Majesty.


See also[edit]

Third person - female (Her) Third person - male (His) Second person (Your)
Her Britannic Majesty His Britannic Majesty Your Britannic Majesty
Her Excellency His Excellency Your Excellency
Her Highness His Highness Your Highness
Her Imperial Highness His Imperial Highness Your Imperial Highness
Her Imperial Majesty His Imperial Majesty Your Imperial Majesty
Her Maj His Maj Your Maj
Her Majesty His Majesty Your Majesty
Her Royal Highness His Royal Highness Your Royal Highness
Her Royal Majesty His Royal Majesty Your Royal Majesty