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Proper noun[edit]

House of Commons

  1. (Britain, politics) The lower house of the British Parliament; a session of the house.
    • 1842, William Chambers & al., Chambers's Information for the People, page 178:
      Reckoning from 1802 till November 15, 1837, there were thirteen Houses of Commons
  2. (Canada, politics) The lower house of the Canadian Parliament.



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House of Commons (plural Houses of Commons)

  1. (Canada slang, humorous euphemistic) An outhouse: an outbuilding used as a lavatory.
    • 1987, Chris Thain, Cold as a Bay Street Banker's Heart, page 86:
      Right across western Canada, the "house of commons" is the biffey. Now that should tell you something about the way westerners feel about the goings-on in Ottawa.

Alternative forms[edit]