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  • IPA(key): /aɪˈdiː.tɛnˈtiː/
  • (military phonetics) "ID – ten – tango"


ID10T (plural ID10Ts)

  1. Leet spelling of idiot used humorously to refer to computer errors (pronounced ID ten T) to indicate that the error is the result of the user's stupidity.
    • 2002, Harold A Covington, The Stars in Their Path:
      Hoffman was one of his few friends, a fellow Net5 droid whose forté[sic] was telling the customers that their problem was beyond the company's scope of support, and they should call Microsoft and say that they had an ID10T error.
    • 2005, J R Okin, The Internet revolution:
      Another variation on the above is ID10T: "This guy has an ID-Ten-T on his system."
    • 2009, Todd Lammle, CompTIA Network+ Study Guide:
      An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and you'll experience dramatically fewer ID10T errors this way.
    • 2010, James Borg, Body Language:
      ...leave any questions until we go—at the end of each lesson—to our informal Chat Room. Also be careful of ID10T Errors.

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