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Alternative forms[edit]


From the brand name Jell-O.


Jello (uncountable)

  1. A dessert made by boiling gelatin in water.
    • 1968, Ronald Sukenick, Up, 1998 ed., →ISBN, page 26,
      And the food! I mean, I'm not fussy, but couldn't they think of anything better than this toothpaste? A little Jello or something, a nice can of soup.
    • 1977, Florence King, WASP, Where is Thy Sting?, excerpt, in The Florence King Reader, 1996 St. Martin's Press ed., →ISBN, page 25,
      Alex Portnoy thought his mother had magical powers because she could suspend fruit in mid-Jello.
    • 1984, William Martin, Nerve Endings, Crown, →ISBN, page 28,
      "I never eat Jello. I never eat anything that moves on the spoon."