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Jew +‎ -like


Jewlike (comparative more Jewlike, superlative most Jewlike)

  1. Resembling a Jew or some aspect of one, especially (derogatory) the stereotype of a profiteering miser.
    • 1838, John Steuart, Bogotá in 1836-7
      His charges are ten dollars for best Wellington boots; there are a number of native workmen, who sell, Jewlike, for just such prices as they can...
    • 1906, Frederic Jesup Stimson, In Cure of Her Soul
      Markoff, it appeared, said Radnor, "nosing around, Jewlike, to find some stuff that people would buy," had discovered, in London, a thirst for brewing...
    • 1996, Howard L Malchow, Gothic images of race in nineteenth-century Britain
      Jewlike, the Jesuits have insinuated themselves into every level of society.