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From juggler; used by band member Joseph Bruce to address the audience during the performance of a track called The Juggla. Influenced by gigolo.


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Juggalo (plural Juggalos)

  1. (slang) A fan of the American hip hop group Insane Clown Posse.
    • 2002, Brooks Brown, Rob Merritt, No Easy Answers: The Truth Behind Death at Columbine
      My Juggalos, family, people who mean a lot to me, everyone. I owe a lotta people for getting through the last few years. You should know who you are.
    • 2003, Vladimir Bogdanov, Chris Woodstra, Stephen Thomas Erlewine, John Bush, All Music Guide to Hip-hop
      Yes, it's true that the Insane Clown Posse are back with their fifth proper album (or, in juggalo parlance, the fifth joker card)...
    • 2005, Adam Gibson, Behind the Dark Curtain
      "And don't tell me your name is Violent J, or Shaggy 2 Dope. Cause you don't look like any Juggalo I've ever seen." He laughed out loud throwing his head back.
    • 2006, L Mason, 30 Years In The FreekShow: The Life And Times Of AxSylum
      This book was written for Juggalos by a Juggalo. I highly doubt anybody else would ever get the humor within these pages.
    • 2006, Terry Funk, Mick Foley, Scott Williams, Terry Funk: More Than Just Hardcore
      One time, one band on stage tried to get the fans on one side to yell, "Fuck you" to the other side, but these people were all Juggalos.
    • 2007, Richard Soles, Blackeyed
      And it was more of an excuse to show an ICP concert DVD and play a bunch of Juggalo music in a school setting a [sic] not get in trouble for it than anything else...

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