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First attested in English in 1922.[1] From French gigolo(young lover kept by an older woman)[2] (first attested in that sense in 1901; attested since 1894 in the sense "elegant young man whose means of livelihood are dubious", and since 1850 in the sense "lover of a gigolette or pimp"),[2][3], a back-formation from gigolette(promiscuous dancing girl, girl available for hire as a dancing partner)[4] (attested since 1850), from giguer(to dance), from gigue(fiddle).



gigolo (plural gigolos)

  1. A man who has a sexual relationship with a woman from whom he receives payment.
  2. A hired escort or dancing partner for a woman.
    • 1929, Irving Caesar, "Just a Gigolo" lyrics:
      I'm just a gigolo / And everywhere I go / People know the part I'm playin' / Paid for every dance / Sellin' each romance / Ooh, what they're sayin'




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