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Alternative forms[edit]


From Arabic قَاضٍ (qāḍin), from قَضَى (qaḍā, to judge)



Kazi (plural Kazis)

  1. A civil judge in Arabic, Persian or Turkish countries.
    • 1885, Sir Richard Burton, The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night, vol. 1
      he sent for the Kazi and his assessors, intending to make his will and reveal to her his secret and die the death
    • 1964, James Kritzeck, Anthology of Islamic Literature, from the Rise of Islam to Modern Times, Holt, Rinehart and Winston
      Page 300
      “Up with thee speak with the Kazi, for thy wife hath complained of to him and her favour is thus and thus.”
      Page 301
      “...O man, and speak with the Kazi; for thy wife hath complained of thee to him.” Said he, “He made peace between us just now.” But said they, “We come from another Kazi, and thy wife hath complained of thee to our Kazi.” So he arose and went with them to their Kazi, calling on Allah for aid against...
    • 1971, Gilbert Highet, Explorations, Oxford University Press, Page 281
      So I agreed to submit myself to such decision and we both presented ourselves before the Kazi, who said, ‘What bringeth you hither and what is your case and your quarrel?’
    • 2003, K.P. Ittaman, Amini Islanders: Social Structure and Change, Abhinav Publications, Page 202
      Thus, the islands of Kadmat, Chetlat and Kiltan had to remain under the religious jurisdiction of the Kazi of Amini. But as in the case of the Mooppan who rendered their services as jury in the absence of the Moktessors of Amini, in every island there used to be one Naib Kazi who performed the duties of the Kazi in his absence. The appointment of the Naib Kazi of every island was made by the District Collector but the name of the candidate who was tipped for the appointment as Naib Kazi had to be approved first by the Kazi of Amini.