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Proper noun[edit]


  1. (US, baseball) Initialism of League Championship Series for each of the two leagues of Major League Baseball.

Related terms[edit]


LCS (countable and uncountable, plural LCSs)

  1. (US, military, nautical, countable) Initialism of littoral combat ship: a specialized type of frigate for green water and coastal combat and transoceanic capability designated by the US Navy.
    • 2015 February 18, “US to base four warships in Singapore as China flexes military muscles”, in The Guardian[1]:
      The “rotational deployment” of the vessels, called littoral combat ships (LCS), comes as China continues to flex its muscles in the South China Sea and tensions remain on the Korean Peninsula. / “We will soon see up to four LCS here in Singapore as we rotationally deploy Seventh Fleet ships,” said Rear Admiral Charles Williams.
  2. (medicine, uncountable) Initialism of long Covid syndrome.