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Frigate Apurímac (Peru, 1855)


From French frégate.



frigate (plural frigates)

  1. (nautical) An obsolete type of sailing warship with a single continuous gun deck, typically used for patrolling, blockading, etc, but not in line of battle.
  2. (nautical) A 19th-century warship combining sail and steam propulsion, typically of ironclad timber construction, supplementing and superseding sailing ships of the battle line until made obsolete by the development of the solely steam-propelled iron battleship.
  3. (nautical) A modern type of warship, smaller than a destroyer, originally (WWII) introduced as an anti-submarine vessel but now general purpose.
  4. A frigatebird.
    • 2008, Anthony S. Cheke, Julian Pender Hume, Lost Land of the Dodo
      These frigates are all so lazy, that they perch by day on the trees, at the edge of the sea, awaiting the other birds []

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