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Proper noun[edit]


  1. A surname​.
  2. A valley in the Scottish Borders council area, Scotland.
  3. A town, a suburb of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
  4. A residential neighbourhood of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  5. A locality in Allen Parish, Louisiana, United States.
  6. A locality in St. James Parish, Louisiana, United States.
  7. A small city in Ramsey County, Minnesota, United States.
  8. An unincorporated community in Lauderdale County, Mississippi, United States.
  9. An unincorporated community in the town of La Grange, Walworth County, Wisconsin, United States.

Derived terms[edit]

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  • According to the 2010 United States Census, Lauderdale is the 8,144th most common surname in the United States, belonging to 4,070 individuals. Lauderdale is most common among White (66.36%) and Black (26.71%) individuals.