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A nineteenth century flower name from the lily. Also a diminutive of Lilian and, sometimes, of Elizabeth.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A female given name. Popular around 1900 and currently returning to favor.
    • 1864 Frances Eleanor Trollope: The Tale of Aunt Margaret's Trouble. All the Year Round, Aug.11th, 1866, page 100:
      "Poor little thing! She is very wee and frail, isn't she? Only two months old. We came away from the north, as soon as I was able to travel. She is called Lily."
      I remembered Horace having once told me that his mother's name had been Lilias.
    • 2001 Catherine Coulter: Hemlock Bay. Jove, 2002. ISBN 0515133302 page 57:
      "Lily is such a romantic name. It sounds to me like soft music; it's the sort of name to make one dream of fanciful things."
      Lily smiled. " It's my grandmother's name. Coincidence, maybe, but she grew the most beautiful lilies."


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