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Mademoiselle (plural Mesdemoiselles or Mademoiselles)

  1. Alternative letter-case form of mademoiselle.
    • 1822 August 3, Benjamin Oakley, Letters on Miscellaneous and Domestic Subjects: Intended for the Use of the Writer’s Family, and a Few Select Friends, London: [] J. Moyes, [], published 1823, page 349:
      To Mesdemoiselles ELIZABETH and LUCY OAKLEY, []
    • 1895, [Louis] Constant [Wairy], Walter Clark, transl., Recollections of the Private Life of Napoleon, volume I, New York, N.Y.; Boston, Mass.: H. M. Caldwell Co. [], page 59:
      The Malmaison Troupe, if I may thus style actors of such exalted social rank, consisted principally of Eugène, Jérôme, Lauriston, de Bourrienne, Isabey, de Leroy, Didelot, Mademoiselle Hortense, Madame Caroline Murat, and the two Mademoiselles Auguié, one of whom afterwards married Marshal Ney, and the other M. de Broc.
    • 2007, Sarah McCleave, “Marie Sallé, a Wise Professional Woman of Influence”, in Lynn Matluck Brooks, editor, Women’s Work: Making Dance in Europe before 1800, The University of Wisconsin Press, →ISBN, page 174:
      [] Galatea and two of the Graces were performed by Sallé’s former pupils, Mademoiselle Puvignée and the two Mademoiselles Lany.



Mademoiselle f (plural Mesdemoiselles or Mademoiselles)

  1. Alternative letter-case form of mademoiselle
    Synonym: Mlle

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