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The Matterhorn


From German Matte (meadow) + Horn (peak).

Proper noun[edit]


  1. An iconic pyramidal mountain on the border of Switzerland and Italy.
  2. (by extension) Something difficult to achieve or to surmount.
    • 1970, Where Do We Stand Now? by Henry J. Taylor, Prescott Evening Courier - Aug 14, 1970
      A second feature is the Matterhorn of inflation that dominates the scene. The average postwar recession showed a 1.4 per cent decline in industrial wholesale prices.
    • 2012, Hedge your Bets in the Peak Oil Debate, by Richard Heinberg:
      Meanwhile, soaring oil prices and plummeting real energy yields from liquid fuels have already left economic carnage in their wake, as a fragile global financial system perched on a Matterhorn of debt has been dealt blow after blow by the failure of the real economy to expand as expected.



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Proper noun[edit]

Matterhorn n

  1. Matterhorn (mountain)