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Proper noun[edit]


  1. Cape Horn, at the southern tip of South America.
    Sailing around the Horn was an arduous journey for sailing ships.
  2. The Horn of Africa, a peninsula of Africa which juts into the Arabian Sea.
    • 1978, War in the Horn of Africa, report of the United States Fact-Finding Mission to Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya, page 4:
      At the same time, it would be erroneous to exaggerate U.S. interests, to overreact to political developments in the Horn, or to adopt imprudent policies based on emotional reactions to Soviet and Cuban involvement.
    • 1998, John Markakis, Resource conflict in the Horn of Africa, page 185:
      [] countries fail to explore the possibilities of producing other crops of high value and demand in the Horn or elsewhere.
    • 2001, Mohamed Diriye Abdullahi, Culture and Customs of Somalia (ISBN 0313313334), page 8:
      The word Somali itself today refers to any inhabitant of Somalia; it also refers to any person of ethnic Somali origin in the Horn or elsewhere.
    • 2012, Peter Woodward, Crisis In The Horn of Africa (ISBN 1780762216), page 39:
      Although major coups had taken off in the Arab world in Egypt in 1952, this was the first coup in the Horn or indeed in post-independence Africa.




From Old High German horn, from Proto-Germanic *hurną, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *ḱer-. Compare Low German Hoorn, horn, Dutch hoorn, English horn, Danish and Swedish horn.



Horn n (genitive Hornes or Horns, plural Hörner, diminutive Hörnchen n)

  1. horn (musical instrument)
  2. cornet
  3. (anatomy) cranial parietal bones



Horn n (genitive Hornes or Horns, plural Horne)

  1. horn (substance from which animal horns are made)

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