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Coined to identify a group of alumni of King's School, Macclesfield at Oxford University as a blend of Macclesfield +‎ Oxonian, which was then applied to residents of the town in general.


Maxonian (not comparable)

  1. Of or pertaining to the town of Macclesfield in Cheshire.
    • 2013, Cliff Staniforth, Not All Bad: Memories of a Silk-town Childhood[1], page 110:
      [] gleeful grins on their faces and arms wrapped around girls of known questionable reputation who no self-respecting Maxonian lad would have touched with a barge pole.
    • 2015 April 15, Alex Hibbert, “New events in memory of Joy Division's Ian Curtis”, in Macclesfield Express[2]:
      An exhibition and play will both examine the Maxonian band's legacy.
    • 2016 June 2, Rhiannon McDowall, “Barnaby Bites”, in Macclesfield Express[3]:
      We’re delighted to also welcome back New Order’s Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert – both big supporters of Barnaby – on the decks for a special Maxonian session.


Maxonian (plural Maxonians)

  1. A native or inhabitant of Macclesfield.
    • 1967, New Society, volume 9, numbers 236-248, page 892:
      As a fellow Macclesfieldian — or Maxonian as one was inexplicably called — I was fascinated to read the whole factual story of St Peter's Working Men's Institute, whose weekly affairs I used to report, all unknowing, in the days of bicycle clips and wet macs.
    • 1992, Jan Webster, Bluebell Blue, page viii:
      My thanks to my friends Clifford and Pauline Baillie, true Maxonians both, who helped me with local colour and phrases.
    • 2005, Evi Girling, Crime and Social Change in Middle England: Questions of Order in an English Town[4]:
      One born-and-bred Maxonian, now living around High Street, proffered a cognate observation about the plight of those 'stuck' on Moss Rose