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Mlle. (plural Mlles.)

  1. Alternative form of Mlle.
    • 1867, Joseph N[orton] Ireland, Records of the New York Stage, from 1750 to 1860, volume II, New York, N.Y.: T. H. Morrell, [], page 256:
      The Ravel company, which then included Gabriel, Antoine, Dominique, Jerome, Francois, Jean, (aged 8 years) Leon Javelli, Eugene Fenelon, (orchestra leader) Mme. Eugene Fenelon, Mme. Jerome, and Mlles. Elizabeth and Adele, commenced on the 12th, with the pantomime of “Vol-au-Vent,” feats of agility and rope-dancing, and alternated with the dramatic company throughout the season.
    • 1906, Ivan Strannik [pseudonym; Anna Aníchkova], The Shadow of the House, New York, N.Y.: McClure, Phillips & Co., page 3:
      The general and his wife, two sisters of the general—Mlles. Alexandra and Eudoxia—two sisters of the general’s wife—Mlles. Marie and Pauline—occupied the second story with a young orphan niece, Helen Avatov; []
    • 1974, Barbara Stoney, Enid Blyton: The Biography, The History Press, published 2014, →ISBN, page 22:
      She even sent one of these from France during the summer of 1913 when Mlle. Louise Bertraine, who taught French at St Christopher’s, took Enid for a memorable holiday to her home in Annecy.



Mlle. f (plural Mlles.)

  1. Abbreviation of Mademoiselle.
    Synonyms: Mdlle, Mlle

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