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Mme. (plural Mmes.)

  1. Alternative form of Mme.
    • 1893, Alexander Dumas, Andree de Taverney or, The Downfall of French Monarchy, New York, N.Y.: The F. M. Lupton Publishing Company, →OCLC, page 284:
      [] the second, separated from the first by an obscure ante-chamber, was occupied by Mmes. Elizabeth and Royale.
    • 1910, H[enry] E[dward] Noyes, Seventeen Years in Paris: A Chaplain’s Story, London: Baines and Scarsbrook, [], page 60:
      Mme. Loubet, accompanied by Mmes. Dubois and Combarieu, was amongst the early arrivals, Colonel Nicholas in attendance.
    • 2002, Larry Millett, The Disappearance of Sherlock Holmes: A Mystery Featuring Shadwell Rafferty, Viking, →ISBN, page 220:
      Once Belgian Jack and Charlie were gone, Mme. DuBois went back into her compartment, sat down on her bed and began to cry softly.


Alternative forms[edit]


Mme. f (plural Mmes.)

  1. Mrs. (prenominal titular prefix for a married woman) (missus) Abbreviation of madame.

Coordinate terms[edit]

  • Mlle. (mademoiselle) (Miss)
  • M. (monsieur) (Mister)