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Uncertain. The Monache, a related ethnic group, seems to derive their name from a common source as the Mono, as -chi occurs otherwise in the Yokutsan and Miwok languages as a relatively common suffix on tribal names.


Mono pl (plural only)

  1. An American Indian people of the central Sierra Nevada and neighboring Great Basin lands to the east in California.
    • 2012, Caspar Henderson, The Book of Barely Imagined Beings, page 249:
      The Mono believe that Condor seized humans, cut off their heads and drained their blood in order to flood the home of Ground Squirrel.
  2. An ethnic group from the Congo.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. The Numic language of the Mono people of California.
  2. The language of the Mono people of the Congo.
  3. A county in California, United States, see Mono County.
  4. An alkaline desert lake, Mono Lake, in this county that has a unique ecosystem.
  5. A town in Ontario.
  6. An island in the Solomon Islands.
  7. A river in Togo.

Derived terms[edit]