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Monopoly play money stacked in the game’s “bank”


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Monopoly money (uncountable)

  1. Play money.
    Synonyms: toy currency, fun money
  2. (slang, often derogatory) Banknotes of foreign currency; especially those which are vibrant or flimsy.
    Synonyms: play money, funny money
  3. Money, especially paper money, that is perceived to have little or no value, or to be distributed freely.
  4. (idiomatic) Money that does not exist; referring to fraudulent record keeping.
    • 2005, Craig M. Boise, Playing with ‘Monopoly Money’: Phony Profits, Fraud Penalties and Equity, Minnesota Law Review, volume 90, page 144
      They did so to conceal the fact that they were playing with Monopoly money—fabricating profits as phony as the pastel-colored money used in the classic Parker Brothers board game.