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When spoken, the letters N-D-N sound like "Indian".


NDN (not comparable)

  1. (uncommon) Native American; Indian.
    • 2007, Gkisedtanamoogk, quoted by Sarah King in Fishing in Contested Waters: Place & Community in Burnt Church/Esgenoôpetitj:
      Like much of the english[sic] language usage in NDN Country, the way and understanding of this usage [of the term "rights"] is quite a bit different than the standard mainstream [understanding], because the usage for NDN People is culturally based.
    • c. 2012, Monique Poirier, Musing about Native Steampunk, quoted by Ann VanderMeer, Steampunk Revolution, page 401:
      NDN technologies have historically tended to be green and sustainable—not because NDN folks are magically spiritually attached to Mother Earth but because NDN cultures tend to value foresight and cycles, considering generational consequences of technological adoption and understanding of systems over flat utilization of resources.


NDN (plural NDNs)

  1. (uncommon) Native American; Indian.