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Proper noun[edit]


  1. (historical) Initialism of national maximum speed limit (or speed law), a U.S. law in effect 1974-1995.
    • 1995 December 29, “On The National Highway System Designation Act Of 1995”, in Federal Highway Administration[1]:
      Does NMSL repeal automatically raise the State's maximum speed limit to the pre-NMSL speed limit?
    • 2005 December, “10th Anniversary of the Repeal of the 55 NMSL”, in National Motorists Association[2]:
      The debate was dragged into the public and political arenas and the support and rationalizations for the 55-mph NMSL started to show serious flaws.


For pronunciation and definitions of NMSL – see 你媽死了 (“fuck you”).
(This term, NMSL, is a variant form of 你媽死了.)